High Quality Eyelash Extension Supplies



Our Lashes are made of a synthetic material called PBT- (Polybutylene terephthalate ) a type of polyester used in a range of products including false lashes. All our lashes are sourced from Korea. PBT materials that are made in Korea are the highest quality in the world. The lashes are very strong and at the same time very Light weight with a beautiful natural gloss with a subtle matte finish. Humble Lashes can assure you The best quality products on the market.

Volume Lashes

Lashes curls

  • C curls
  • D curls

Lash lengths

  • 8mm-16mm

Lash Diameters

  • .03mm
  • .05mm
  • .07mm

Mix trays  C and D  curls and in all diameters
 tray 8mm-15mm


Flat Lashes

Lash curls

  • C curl
  • D curl

Lash Lengths

  • Available 8mm-16mm

Lash diameters

  • .15mm
  • .20mm

Mix trays in Flat Lashes C and D

.15 and .20 diameters . 8mm-15mm in 1 tray Adhesives: coming soon...

Tweezers: coming soon...


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